Jack Williams Handmade Acoustic Guitars

12 Fret Dreadnought

Originally this shaped guitar was the first to be called dreadnought, sometimes referred to as slope shouldered. It features a slightly longer body which results in the bridge closer to the center of the lower bout. This guitar features a slotted peghead, a slightly wider neck and it delivers a a big sound, whether it's flatpicked or fingerpicked.

12 Fret Parlor

This guitar produces sweet singing trebles and good bass response all wrapped up in smaller guitar. Preferred by many fingerpickers, the parlor features a shorter 24.9inch scale, a slightly wider neck and slot peghead, to give it a timeless appearance.

14 Fret Dreadnought

This is the largest guitar I currently build; Very powerful and a flatpickers favorite; If you want a guitar that'll hold it's own with a banjo or mandolin, with plenty of sustain and volume, then you should consider my dreadnought.


My version of the OM is slight thicker than some ; this thickness adds to the bass response and results in the guitar comparing favorably to larger instruments, when it comes to balance and volume.

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